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Professional Domain Management

Be FREE of worry over your domain name.

  • For our hosting clients, our professional domain management services are FREE.

We provide PROFESSIONAL DOMAIN MANAGEMENT for $50 per year.  

This service includes:

  • Hosted via our Master Account through Enom.com (world's largest domain provider, located in Bellevue, Washington)
  • Annual domain renewal
    • Prevents accidental loss
    • We keep your domain renewed and bill you for it
    • It will never expire as long as we manage it
  • Virtual "private" registration
    • Professional contact information is PUBLIC
    • Gives you full advantage of marketing by your domain
    • Important for visibility to many agencies (you cannot get some services if your domain is private!)
    • Customized email prevents you from being SPAMMED via your domain contact
    • Immediate phone support for any issues domain related
  • DNS Management
  • Domain lock service
    • Prevents unauthorized transfer

You Lost Your Domain Name?

Professional Domain Name Recovery Service for $1000

If you have lost your domain, we can recover it for you for a flat fee of $1000.

  • We require this payment in advance.  No exceptions.

Note: this process is a royal pain, but the registrars have the process in place to protect your interests.  Really.  Your domain is vital electronic real estate to your business, and there are also government mandated rules that must be followed regarding its transfer or changes to its ownership.

This service includes:

  • Confirmed registrar Whois report
    • Tells us who "owns" the domain
    • Tells us who "administrates" the domain
  • All calls necessary to recover domain
  • Guidance for required paperwork fulfillment with registrar for recovery
    • You will have to obtain and submit documents to prove rightful ownership
    • You will need to be available for conference calls with registrars
      • It may require MANY of these calls
  • Transfer to our professional service (OPTIONAL) after recovery if you want


If your domain has expired, and is in REDEMPTION period, the registrar will require an additional fee to recover the domain.  You will be responsible for the payment of this fee.  ($250 or so is typical)

If you domain has been picked up by another party ... in other words if it is now owned by someone else, you will need to work with them to buy the domain back.  We cannot guarantee your success in this matter and usually what they want for the domain is far more that you will be willing to pay!

Lesson: don't lose your domain!