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Pajezy Private Label Expansion

We will be seeking local, private funding for the pajezy software soon.  Pajezy is the software we have developed here in Port Angeles that is used to create and maintain really nice, "bleeding edge" websites for small business owners.

This site was created and is maintained with it, along with about 100 other sites in the area.

We are hoping that a "debt" model will be adequate to move us to the next level.  We want the company to be providing really good jobs with benefits for employees, so we don't want to jeopardize that goal by selling equity in the company.

Pajezy Pioneers

One of the programs we will be using is called the "Pajezy Pioneer's Program".  It will fund the development of local, private labels across the county and provide "landing" sites for local marketing efforts the areas served.

It offers a double return on investment.

I will also be launching this site: and creating a new crowdfunding program with it.  Pajezy will be the first program used by

Free, Online "Menu Maker" is Now Available

We have created a new, free tool for restaurants, cafes, bistros, coffee houses ... it is called "The Menu Maker".  Pretty orginal, huh?

It is fully responsive to mobile devices, too!

See an example working on this page below.