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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are You Local?

Yes. we have operated from Port Angeles since 1993 and started the website hosting business in 1998. Our development server is hosted at We provide local hosting as well.   However, most of our client's sites are located in larger data centers with more redundancy.

The price that we charge for hosting is the same. You can choose to have your site hosted in town or at a larger data center with more redundant connections to the internet.

How many websites does your company host?

We host over 500 websites, and about 100 or so are local sites. You can see some of them by visiting the Portfolio page.

How much do your charge for building a website?

We build small sites starting at $99. Our "average" site construction is between $500 - $2,500.

We have built some sites from $2,500 to over $10,000. It just depends upon what you want and need.

Request a FREE DEMO and get a free consult, too.  We can almost always build a site for you within your budget that you really like and can meet your expectations.

Why should we choose you over another company?

We hesitate here a bit ... I was told to never "toot my own horn"! I would suggest that you review some of the sites we have developed by viewing our portfolio and read a few reviews to start.

What we promise is to really care about you and your business, always be truthful, provide over-the-top customer support (not disappear after the sale) and keep up with important trends that impact our clients' success in marketing online.